Introducing the Teamwork Mediation Training Program

After 15 years of developing The Teamwork Method, Max Rivers is now offering a training program for mediators, counselors and therapists, coaches, teachers, any member of the healing community who does work with couples and relationships, and even individuals who just want to deepen their practice of the Teamwork Method.


There will be two tracks:

  • 6 month training in the methodology of how to use the Teamwork Method; and
  • 12 month certification program.


Everyone interested will start on the first track, called “Tired of Having the Same Old Argument?”,which will teach how to use the Teamwork Method to help couples learn the skill set so that they can transition from conflict into being able to self mediate their own relationships.


Students who complete this first track and are accepted into the certification program will do another 6 month semester of training which will provide individual instruction, supervision as well as including information about how to run an online mediation business, how to teach workshops about this material, create support groups and other ongoing offerings to help your clients continue to learn and grow.


The majority of the trainings will be done virtually, employing video conferenced sessions and classes.


Outline of the Program


As a prerequisite for joining the training each potential TMT student will be expected to:

  • Read the book Loving Conflict.
  • Do three couples sessions online with Max Rivers (or private sessions if not in relationship).
  • Join a biweekly TMT couples support group and continue participating throughout the training with your partner (or as a solo participant).


During the first six month semester of the program each TMT student will be expected to:

  • Join a Team of 12 trainees.
  • Attend an online group class to discuss the content of one half of this month’s chapter of the book Loving Conflict.
  • With their TMT partner, outline their half chapter identifying the major points of this section of the book. Then one partner will create lesson plans from their outline and teach those lessons to the other partner (partnered work can be done virtually).
  • Attend an online group class with your Team of 12 to debrief lesson plans and role-play mediating issues from this half chapter. The next half chapter will be introduced in the second half of the month and the process will be repeated with the roles reversed – that is the person who was the teacher in the first half of the chapter will now be the student for the second half.


Benefits of TMT 6 Month Program

At the end of the six month “Same Old Argument” training, trainees will have experienced being mediated using the Teamwork Method, have been part of an ongoing couples support group, will have lesson plans from your whole Team of 12 for the entire first half of the book, experienced teaching the concepts and being taught, and had 12 opportunities to be part of or witness role-plays of how these concepts might be used in couples counseling or mediations.


In addition, other reading material will be assigned which cover supportive technologies such as: Nonviolent Communication, Neurolinguistic Programming, Ericksonian hypnosis, and others.


Graduates of the first semester program may advertise that they have “taken classes in the teamwork method” but in order to identify as “certified Teamwork Method Practitioners” graduates may apply for the second semester Teamwork Method Certificate Program.


The certification program will begin with more intensive role-plays, witnessing and commenting on videotaped Teamwork Method sessions, having live and post session supervision from Max or other certified TM practitioners, debriefs of their own sessions and group support on how to handle issues which have come up in sessions.


Cost of the Program


The first six-month training program will have a fixed price of $250 for each month of training, or a discounted price of $1200 for pre-paying the whole six months. The first team of 12 will get a special discount of $150 per month or $1000 for the first six months prepaid.


In addition, students will pay a discounted price for couples sessions with Max, of $100 per session; as well as a discounted price for the couples support group of $50 per session per couple. Purchasing of books and other materials throughout the program are in addition to the training costs.

To Download the Application:

If interested, download the application (by clicking here). Fill out all the fields, and then click the embedded “Submit by Email” button on the form which will send your application to Max.