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Max’s book: “Loving Conflict: A New Alternative to Couple’s Counseling”  available by clicking these links: in audio, kindle and paperback or PDF!

Max Rivers, This Marriage Mediator

“I really appreciated Max’s ability to teach the concepts and demonstrate how they were working for us specifically. For a first session, I was in awe about his ability to understand so deeply a need that I had buried for a long time. I love his unique view on relationships and conflicts presented in the book, and it was matched by his artful and compassionate mediation skills. Thank you Max!” LT 2023

Max Rivers has a unique ability to adapt Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC™ to intimate relationships.

Teamwork Mediation

Max has developed a six-session (maximum) process for teaching couples how to self-mediate their own relationships using his unique Embodied-NVC (Non-Violent Communication) designed specifically for use in intimate relationships.

You are encouraged to buy his book (below) and read the first 3 chapters before your first session, which  is available by clicking these links: in audio, kindle and paperback or PDF.

The first couples session is guaranteed – if either of you feel there was no value to the session, there is no charge. If you decide to proceed after the first session, we’ll negotiate a fee (based on our sliding scale as a starting place) that is agreeable to all three of us; and I’ll have an idea of about how many sessions I expect it to take (up to a maximum of six).


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The Teamwork Method is a unique combination of Embodied NVC (Non-Violent Communication (c) created by Marshall Rosenberg) and Teamwork Mediation. In the first part of the process, we teach you E-NVC to help each of you become clear about your heart’s desires (what Marshall called your Universal Human Needs) and then how to share them with your partner and how to listen for their feelings and needs (called Empathy) instead of judging and arguing with each other about your differences. Once all the needs are on the table, then we teach you the negotiation skills of Teamwork Mediation so you can create win-win resolution in which everyone feels their needs are being heard, understood, respected and met.

Along with reading assigned chapters in my book, Loving Conflict, and practicing using the homework I give you, I can teach you all of these skills in six or fewer sessions.

In our experience, conflict is actually just misunderstood difference. And getting the benefit of the particular difference that you were attracted to (because you need this difference in your life) is the whole point of relationship.

We believe conflict is your relationship trying to go deeper. But there are often two things in the way of achieving this deeper form of intimacy: old wounds and new communication skills to handle the deeper level of closeness. Our process teaches you how to be co-healers of your old hurts, and co-creators of the relationship you have both always wanted.

We’ll help you resolve your presenting challenges, teach you E-NVC skills, as well as give you a deep understanding of what is motivating you and your partner so that you can maintain your own relationships.

Max’s Book: “Loving Conflict” is available in:

Paperback and Kindle Versions

You can purchase “Loving Conflict” on http://Amazon.com Prime

  • Paperback for $24.95

  • Kindle for $9.98

Audio Book

You can purchase half-hour readings with commentary by Max at our own Audio_Book_Store

  • Individually for $2.99

  • By the Chapter (2 or 3 half-hour readings) for $4.99

  • By the Section (4 chapters) for $11.99

  • Buy the whole book for $15.00.

Hypnosis Recordings

You can purchase pre-recorded healing hypnosis trance recordings at our Hypnosis Recordings Store 

There are trances for:

  • Weight Loss

  • Quit Smoking

  • Sleep, Rest and Sleep Apnea

Each recording is $15.00 and will be emailed to you as an MP3 file with instructions.

PDF and eBook

(can be read in non-Kindle ebook readers like the nook or ebook plug-ins or apps).

(can be read in non-Kindle ebook readers like the nook or ebook plug-ins or apps).

Video of Max Reading His Book: Loving Conflict

You can also watch videos of Max reading his book “Loving Conflict” on the book’s Facebook page:

(There are 30 half-hour videos).

Neil Sattin did a great interview that explains pretty much Max’s whole theory and practice.

Relationship Alive! Podcast

Sashi focuses on how Max’s method teaches couples skills for Conscious relating.

Sashi Solluna's Podcast: Tools for Conscious Relating

In today’s episode, we are joined by Max Rivers, marriage mediator and author of Loving Conflict. Max’s practice focuses on nonviolent communication and helping couples hear what the other truly desires.

Interview on "Doing Divorce Different A Podcast"

I’m really looking forward to your book; I heard your talk on KPFA & have been checking out your videos.  I want to have super pleasurable relationships.

Thanks for your incisive, powerful work!

I’m enjoying, even savoring your book.  I read, ponder, digest, integrate and re-read… It’s a masterpiece!


We find your writing to be extremely original, insightful and useful.  It has been very valuable for us already… great appreciation I have for this amazing piece of work.


After Doing Marriage Mediation

Thank you! I love how articulate you are, I could understand your way of speaking more than most books I ve read!

NVC Student

This is a must read for anyone in relationship 


— be it romantic (marriage, dating), friendship or even professional relationship such as the workplace. The information and skills in this book have the potential to change your life — and certainly improve your relationship. Learn how to deconstruct what’s really going on in your interactions — in order to make changes that address underlying issues that fuel your arguments. The skills in this book are simple, but not easy. It’s a book to read, re-read, and practice with. The author is available to guide readers through some of the most challenging parts of this work.
Professional Mediator

Teamwork Marriage Mediation

To schedule an appointment or see videos about Teamwork Marriage Mediation, click here.

NVC & Poly

For information about using NVC with Poly Relationships click here.

NVC and New Culture

For info about the Network for a New Culture, click here.

Session and Book Review

Max is a very EFFECTIVE mediator in that he knows how to be direct with people to get results and still remain soft and caring at the same time. If someone is considering couples counseling, they should try THIS ASAP.
I have no doubt that Max’s honest, compassionate, straightforward approach can help couples with all sorts of issues who want to have a return of intimacy and create a much deeper relationship that they desire.

Also, EVERYONE should read Max’s book “Loving Conflict” which is packed with useful information that gets to the root of problems in a loving, truthful manner. I will be recommending this book and am blown away by it – it resonates in a way a lot of other NVC does not in the way things are described and laid out and the examples that are used – a must read!!!

See Max/read his book if you are looking for more depth or prevention of more conflicts and also to grow yourself.


I just want to thank you again for the NVC classes that I took back in 2009 … I feel like it has completely changed MY LIFE in a good way!


I keep meaning to thank you. 2010 was really a good year for me after those classes … it’s so much easier to connect with people, easier to resolve my own internal conflicts, and my friends comment on how calm and empathetic I am in a crisis and they seem to rely on me more often for someone to talk to. To be honest I haven’t been consciously “trying to use NVC” … it just affected my perspective in a very good and peaceful way.

re NVC Classes

What initially drew me to it, I heard from my friend that it was present-focused and not a long-term therapeutic model. It’s turned out to be tools to handle things within the relationship


It’s been especially helpful considering our situation which is having new baby and so not a lot of time to devote to it right now. We wanted practical tools to help with us with the snags we get into repetitively. It’s definitely given us some tools.I like that it’s been pretty pointed and talking about actual conflicts that we had. I was wondering how working with actual conflicts would go. In fact, you highlighted these themes by just hearing what we were going through. I feel more compassionate towards him when I’m looking at it from that framework of what are his hidden need, and being interested in those getting met. Because it puts me more on the same team with him, And it feels like it something is doable.Sometimes it can be overwhelming people thinking about ongoing therapy, that they’re not ready for it, or it’s too much of a time commitment or their partner is resistant. All the reasons that we resist that but as a self-care practice and something that short-term to start out to give you real tools that you can you can use ongoing. It was the reluctant partner actually that was the driving force for finding this type model because it seem like something he would be open to. This was more in the moment and less going for all the baggage from the past and related what’s was up right now. So I think it’s been good for that. Right now, this is a good model for us. I’d definitely recommend it.
Mom with New Baby

After Doing Marriage Mediation

After Couple's First Skype Session

Thanks for thinking of me!  I have been reflecting on your wisdom! I wish all kids had NVC in their education so we could all grow up to be wise and reflective, and sensitive to everyone we encounter! Thanks for your session. I will be scheduling our next session soon.
I came back over and over again throughout the years. The one thing I want to do is go to Max’s NVC classes so much so that I was riding my bike 26 miles one-way. 

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Its been absolutely exciting for me. I hang on every word of every lesson. I’m here early and stay late. It’s given me so much insight into how to be a better person by learning these tools
Repeat NVC Student

You may not remember me, but I’m a huge fan. I “teach” NVC to everyone I meet, especially my daughter, who has adopted it as her own now. And one hypnosis session with you changed my life.

Max in particular deepens the material, He added new fresh insights that build on Marshall’s existing work.


He was able to bring it to life for me in a way that reading the book couldn’t ever do.

I think he’s an extraordinary teacher. I even hesitate to say that, he’s also a model himself, helping us to feel the way it would feel to live with this kind of life perspective on daily basis.

To me it’s been an extraordinary experience. I think everybody from all walks of life in all situations could benefit greatly from taking from taking a course like this.

NVC Student and Mediation Client

In addition to doing NVC-Based Couples Teamwork mediation, Max is also a Moderator for the Braver Angels Depolarization workshops.

At Braver Angels, our work is about building a house united.

Our mission is to bring Americans together to bridge the partisan divide and strengthen our democratic republic.

Click on Logo or article to go to BraverAngels.org

See the article below describing Max’s Braver Angels work…

Max and Elise Rivers

Max and Elise Rivers

Creators of E-NVC

Max and Elise Rivers. Pioneers in a completely new form of mediation with over 20 years experience helping couples learn the skills necessary to make any marriage work. But we do more than just mediate your conflicts, we teach you how to resolve your own conflicts.