Agile-NVC is the communication tool specifically designed for your development team's needs.

Max Rivers programmed medical robotics for over 20 years.

He’s been an NVC trainer for 15.

He’s now combining these two skill sets into a new product: Agile-NVC
which can be customized for your company’s training needs.


Agile-NVC is training process for companies using Agile to learn how to handle the increased need for communication in the fast-paced, teamwork-oriented development process known as Agile.

One - Three Hour Introduction to NVC and Agile

I have a 1-3hr intro available.

Agile, like every new technology, necessitates learning a new language

NVC can help Teams negotiate successfully across differences

NVC is designed to focus teams on the underlying meaning for everyone involved

Agile, like NVC, recognizes that when the people involved aren't satisfied, the process grinds to a halt

Max Rivers has adapted NVC specifically for the Agile Team environment.

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Keep your teams working together with Agile-NVC